What Color Are You?

brushesWe have heard about  the racial colors  *For centuries * and the different capabilities based on gender.  Now, lets look at something light-hearted and with positive energy. What about the color of your purpose, individuality or presence? Wont it be ‘cool’ to just have your own signature color? The very hue that’s encoded with the unique fibre of your amazing personality? The one that would say ‘so and so’ was here. Or say : only Mr Vetkoek-Belly or Miss Laddered-Stockings could do such an amazing thing *LOL*. Think about it; The one color that you could just paint the canvas with when you dont wanna say much about who you are?

We’ve come to realize that one doesnt need to compete with celebrities for shelf space in the stores on branding fragrances, bags, shoes and clothes. By simply allowing yourself to be, you could leave that same mark and have that same impact, that having an orphanage or airport named after you would have. Each one of us has that thing, that unique thing that differentiates us from even our best friend or sibling that we so feel much alike. That fibre in you that would get the birds Tweeting and Following you for the right reasons. Not everyone will be Oprah or Mandela, whose brands can get the tweeting birds to almost deafen everyone. BUT there is a space for each purpose or calling. One that will get us saying  : he or she is blue-ish or red-ish. Not  Navy, not Teal, not Turquoise, not Royal Blue but Blue-ish. Meaning: there is something about the kinda Blue you are, that is different from the other Blue’s. That something about your kinda blue that brings out the subtle hues in a unique way.

You get it? That kinda thing. Your shade of  Blue that shines from your ability to just put a smile on someone’s face with ease and less effort, or your ability to just make people feel at peace with themselves whenever you are around them.  At this point, surely something must have popped in your mind, as you read this passage. Something that speaks to your purpose. Think of something that you know is definitely your special gift that someone else, could benefit from.  Dear Darling, NOW THAT! is your shade. Your very own hue. 

Coloring the world just means: allowing that special gift in you, to operate, live and be seen. it doesnt have to involve a campaign, or a crowd. It can be something as undermined and as  ‘behind-the-scene-thing’ as sweeping the floor.  Imagine how coloful the world would be if we all took our brushes and started painting our canvas (our world)?

In conclusion, it is also wise to team up with those who complement your signature color. Like how the right combination of Blue and Yellow can form green. Sun Tzu , the one and only Google, Wikipidea and Encarta *All combined* of War said: “There are not more than five primary colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black) yet in combinations they produce more hues…”. To us *Team_CCC*, that means: We were made to depend on each other, to supplement, to complement and to bring out the best in each.

Find your color and leave your mark! Of Course, you are always welcome to join us and paint the world with Love. *Group HUG*




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