Her King David

David was well aware of his enemies. It is very humbling to read through the Psalms and learn the experiences of a King and how he felt about his experiences. We always have this grand picture of a king’s life. But David in the book of Psalms opens a gate for us into to the courts and into the castle. which contrasts but balances our idea of a castle that is just about indulging in non-stop feasts and flamboyant jousts, that is glamorous and glorious. I learnt to not only appreciate him as a heroic king but as a humble person. I think of it as humble, though this is mostly seen as weak. In the book of Psalms we see this King as a mere person who goes through seasons of fear, of sadness, of helplessness and of defeat. I have grown spiritually to see the book of Psalms as his journal. Not just any journal but a journal of a king, that helps open us and speak our hearts in our pursuits for our ideals. To keep it and know through it that even the King who attained it all went through these seasons.

Now here is the thing; i was driving one day from town to my house and was thinking about Abigail his wife. The bible says she was beaaauuutiful and intelligent 1Samuel 25:3. This is a combination, as women, we have come to idealize. We see it as iconic. Achieving this is a success that many of us desire. To have beauty and brains. This gets even better for our feminine hearts that grew up loving  fairy-tales; where she gets married to a king. A beautiful and intelligent Abigail ending up with a heroic king.

My initial thought was her attributes suggest a position of power, to us women of this age. So i imagine this powerful woman married to a king. With the suggested ‘weakness’ in the book of Psalms i wondered BUT how, exactly how is a husband to a powerful woman look like? should behave like? feel like? speak like? write like? or lead like? I guess this was my spirit fighting the lingering suggestion that King David was portraying weakness in the book of Psalms. i think i was having submission and ‘the helper’ roles that women are given in the back of my mind. I thought how is our Abigail, our iconic powerful Abigail, being Abigail in the life of King David we see in the book of Psalms. How is this power suppressed that we all pursue and long for show up especially for a king in the book of Psalms. How is it allowed to flourish when there are masses of women looking up to it, her intelligence; when is ‘her’ beauty allowed to radiate without being apologetic. When is this combination allowed for a king. When is it redeemed is it left alone from being suppressed in the name of submission. perhaps this is a time a season when he needs it to come into play. when is our ideal released from the suffocating expectation of submission. When is ‘SHE’, our ideal, allowed to be for a time such as this.

Please share below, how you managed to fight for your identity against the norm we are all expected to be like, and remained unapologetic to stand for the role God created you to play:

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