A Good Seed before the Weed

In Matthew 13:24-29, Jesus likens the kingdom of God to a parable of a farmer who plants a good seed. He continues to narrate that later an enemy comes at night and plants weed. The servants and the farmer notice and want to uproot weed. The farmer stops the servants and tells them to leave it alone until harvest time.

From this passage , learn that you are always ahead of the enemy. You are a good seed. God plants good seeds in your garden of life. His word. His promises. His blessings. The enemy will always come after and try to plant all the challenging things we don’t like and don’t want. But take heart, know that you and your good seed came First. So, you are always ahead of the enemy. You are one step ahead.

You were planted first. In the end, weed will be uprooted. Wait patiently for harvest. It is wheat that is wanted, not weed. God knows the enemy did something. Like in the book of Job, God is aware. He is aware of your situation and the things that shouldn’t be in your life; and he is going to pluck them out. God is wise. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. In due season, he will sort out your life. He will separate you from the weed. He will set you apart. You will stand out. Your good hard work will stand out. It will set you apart. Wait for the harvest. Drink and feed from the soil in which you are planted. You are a good seed, coated with the blood of Jesus and you are ahead of the enemy. Keep running the race, don’t let him catch up with you.

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