Pouring His Love on Us

God wants to pour his love on us , for us to be a united church. He gave us lasting unity as his heritage. Before he was taken up, he told his disciples to wait. He commanded them to not depart from Jerusalem. He said:” Don’t leave Jerusalem, Wait…” They listened and waited. In Psalm 37 the word of God says:” Be still, wait patiently for the lord…” As they waited they were in my one accord. God filled the place and filled them with the holy spirit, which is the gift Jesus spoke to them about. The promise. As they were in the spirit, they spoke in diffent tongues which others could hear and understand. It was the evidence to the world that something different happened to them. It was an evidence to the world that God is moving. That God is amongst them.

As we wait on the lord with one heart, one mind, in unity and in one accord, just as Jesus commanded ; he comes and gives us the evidence for the world to notice and hear. The evidence that the world would see and wonder about.

Thank you lord for your spirit and its evidence. For the gifts you are still to give us. For the transformation you are doing in our lives that the world will notice and ask about. Thank you for the opportunities we are to get on grace alone, not by the works we have done. But pure grace. In Isaiah 45:1-5 your word says you are to open iron bars and expose to us riches hidden in secret places. Dear lord, open the iron bars in our lives and flatten the hills. Amen.

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