The Ultimate Distance Relationship

I was meditating the other day on the book of Ruth. When she leaves her homeland to follow Naomi. Her devotion to the relationship during famine. Somehow I ended up thinking about my relationship with my partner. I am in a long distance relationship with the love of my life. He is from Swaziland which is like next door to South Africa. We met in the romantic Cape Town before I relocated. So, on my way home I was thinking about the hope we survive on. The hope that ushers us into the unknown future. Everything is purely based on hoping for the next moment and the moment after. We always hope that everything works out for us and by grace he sustained us.

I realized since 1998, when I got saved, a relationship I have had with God is like a long distance relationship. Light, promises, blessings, healing, his coming and life in abundance are always at a distant future. Him being omnipresent, it feels like he stands by us and walks besides us; but He also waits for us with all these gifts he promised, at a distant point. Where we need to get to. Just like my relationship surving on hope and optimism: hope for the future, hope till we see each other again and hope for good health and sustenance; my relationship with God survives on Faith. Not only survives, but depends on faith to exist. The book of Hebrews says without faith we cannot please God: Faith that he is always with me, faith that he waits for me in the future and faith that he hears me. It feels like he is using this relationship to show me how the journey has been the past two decades * wow , it’s actually 20 years this year*.

So my dear friend, lets start afresh in believing. Refreshing our minds that our relationship with God needs faith. To trust him for as little as a mustard seed amount of faith. To re-equip ourselves with knowledge that everything is there for us and pre-packed since the beginning of time, if only we just believe. Let’s thank God for this moment of revelation and believe that he hears us. And take a step into the next moment, into the unknown scary future, believing that he is there waiting yet he is also here walking with us, because he is omnipresent. His love is here, his love was always there and his love is waiting for us in the future. let’s begin taking those steps.

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