Silvery Satin

Today I felt out of it, since yesterday I have been feeling fatigued and drained. So this morning I decided to not go anywhere, excuse myself from work and studies, and just lock myself in. I picked up a novel from the box. We have just relocated, so most of the things are still in boxes. So I stayed in bed the whole day and read an inspirational book for women.

I was on a chapter about Maintaining Balance in life as a woman of God. And that, paraphrased, one doesn’t need to have come from ‘silvery satin’ or ‘university of wisdom’ to maintain a household. The first time I ran my eyes across this passage I completely misunderstood it. To me it read as a command: ” Don’t come out of silvery satin and don’t come out of university of wisdom”. I don’t know whether it’s because I stayed in bed the whole day and perhaps it was a part of me wishing for an assurance to still the guilt of resting the whole day.  But yes, that’s how I got the passage the first time until I read it again.

I put the book away and started thinking of how we lose touch and disconnect with a certain part of our soul.The spoilt child in us who  played most of the time and dreamt of being a hero or having a castle. The one who had no limits in wishing and dreaming.

We have become robotic with keeping up with our to-do-list and forgotten that this child ushered us, with his or her dreams and wishes, into our today and the life we need to maintain now. It was this child’s desires that we were chasing and wanted to fulfill. Now that we got most of it if not all,*I would like to see those who became spidermen and Zena, well except figuratively* we have neglected that part of us that is like  a child who desires liberally without thinking about the budget or the public. The one who played. The one who laughed and cared less. Perhaps that could be the reason why we keep gathering things we don’t need, to fill up that gap we left unattended for years. All we do is just dump things in it. Gadgets, cars, shoes, clothes, food, *my goodness, we  eat!* vacations and many things we keep getting that we don’t need.

Today I just want to encourage you, to declutter and find that girl or that boy in you. Find that silvery satin you grew up in. Find that world where it felt safe to dream and wish without being limited by responsibilities. Come, we get ourselves young in mind again and leave all the cares to our father in heaven. Come, we play again. I just wanna end this article and say; don’t leave your silvery satin, don’t leave your childish curiosity. Your silvery satin might not be an expensive life that we obviously imagine it to be, but could be the luxury of time you had as a child or free will or being  carefree and always being sure that someone elze will get it for you, either dad or mom.


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