Tips on Bible Studying

I always use google for my bible study sessions. They have nice comprehensive commentaries on BibleGateway. Also check out commentaries on Matthew Henry, they are useful to give one perspective about verses in scripture.

For each book i read, i first, before concentrating on the verse of my interest, find out these facts:

  • Who wrote the book.
  • When it was written.
  • To whom it was written.
  • Why it was written.

Without trying to be theologians, answering these questions always helps one get a context of the verse. I find that it makes the verse richer and gets a weighty meaning.

The next step: I start repeating the verse. It can be saying it over a few times. Or writing it on paper and fill out a page with it. Sometimes, like in school, sing it over with your favorite tune. The point of this exercise is to memorize the verse. So be creative in how you are going to make it stick in your mind. Always try to use it in your chats during the day. Quote it in a conversation or reference it and add your thoughts to make it sound more natural. It might sound awkward and forced at first, but keep at it.

The last step, I select keywords from the verse and look up their meanings in a dictionary. This can give a complete different interpretation of the verse.

Always write your sessions down to reflect on later. Or to compare with the next time you study the same verse again.

Happy Studying!!!!

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