Shall be filled with water.

“For thus said the lord, ye shall not see the wind, neither shall ye see the rain, yet that valley shall be filled with water…” 2kings 3:17

King of Moab did not see rain and when he reached a mountain top and looked down, he saw water but he thought it was blood of his enemies. How miraculous! When it’s about to rain, one can tell from the cloud, the thunder and the light. It is usually a sign that it’s about to rain.

You might be having dry places in your life or going through a wilderness and see no sign of rain. You might not see any sign in the climate. There might not be wind and no direction or hint of where the water will come through. Naturally, if you are hoping for rain, the clear blue sky will discourage you even though it is a pleasant thing to see.

But wait, even though it seems nothing is happening. In the midst of the warm dry wilderness, wait for the perfect timing of God. He said in his word, “YET, the valley shall be filled with water”. He will do what your mind has not conceived yet 1Corinthianss 2:9. What your eyes have not seen. He has a plan for you, for your wilderness, for your dry season Jeremiah 29:11. While you wait on him, ask him for the renewal of your strength( Isaiah 40:31) to mount up on wings like an eagle. To run without growing weary. To walk through the wilderness without fainting.

He said: “I will do some new…” Isaiah 43:19 and it will spring forth. God will send water that will spring forth out of your wilderness. If there’s no sign, don’t worry. If you see no rain, don’t be anxious, don’t faint, do not grow weary. Your faithful God will send water as he said. It will be miraculous. Believe him for a miracle in your ‘impossible’ dry season.

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