Surviving Depression

Depression can happen to anyone. Sadness , feeling down and losing interest in activities that normally give you pleasure. It’s common illness that can lead to disability.

When depression hits you, the world feels dark, heavy and painful. To some it goes to the very soul affecting everything in its path. One can fell numb and relationships are affected.

“Please give me a prescription for heartache” Norman Vincent Peale in his “The power of positive thinking” shares this line made by a man who had been informed by his doctor that his trouble was in the inability to rise above sorrow. He was suffering from depression. He asked his doctor if there is a spiritual prescription which will reduce constant inner suffering. The doctor recommended physical activity.

Like Peale, I want to share practical ideas to fight depression:

– Avoid temptation to sit and brood. Keep yourself active and occupied with something to do, for example house chores.

– Get a book. Read something that will gather and focus your mind. Escape into a book and close out all the things that worry you.

– Exercise. Be it walking g running, swimming or playing sports. Doctors say it gets your blood coursing through your system.

– Do crafts. It can be knitting, painting, beading but for something less costly you can do paper crafts with just your scissors, colors and glue.

-Journal. Somethings are hard to share with people especially if you are a private person. Get a notebook and pen and write in honestly how you feel. Empty out how you feel. You can tear udrown pages if you are still worried someone will read it. But I prefer keeping them so I can read them later when I feel better and stronger. And see it as a testimony

-Music.  Listen to upbeat music with a faster tempo. Avoid slow songs they can drown you into melancholy. Also choose the ones with positive lyrics.

-Get out of the house. Get sunlight which is good for your brain.

-Drink water. Carry with you a bottle of water and sip throughout the day.

– lastly pray, tell it all to your father in heaven who loved you before you were born. Draw your strength from God.

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