Bilingual Conversion Factors

with the holy spirit God has made us into conversion factors. like when you convert currencies or international standards.God has designed us to understand and perceive his heavenly language and may things he keeps doing.

when Jesus was taken up, he spoke of the holy spirit which will come upon us to teach us and guide us. it teaches us daily on how to apply the teachings of Jesus in this ever changing world we live in. to perceive them in a godly mindset. He has build in our minds (Jeremiah 31:33) into a godly holy mold (RAZ: Reticular Activating System) to download (Luke 24:45) and form information from the spiritual realm, and form it into understandable morsels that those who are still young in the spirit (and those who are not saved) can manage.

he has made us conversion factors that are bilingual. who understand the natural things of this world and spiritual realm. to know how the spiritual realm responds to the things of this world. to be an army that knows when its time for war in the spirit, when it’s time to plant and when it’s time to mediate Eccl 3:1-8. with this gift of being converters, he has promoted us from being slaves to sin and be mediators. who stand between God and his lost people, calling them back to God. the sons of Issachar knew the times 1Chronicles 12:32.we have been made like the sons of Issachar. and have been empowered to know what to do when seasons change. he speaks of changing seasons in the book of Daniel 2:20-22.

we have been empowered by the holy spirit to be christ-like. to understand through the holy spirit the things which are above and translate them to the world that sopeaks earthly language. the power, wisdom and witt to win the world back to him. to demolish arguments 2 Corinthians 10:5.


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