Mercy Seat

Exodus 26:34 “You shall put the mercy seat on the ark of the testimony in the holy of holies.

Coming to God for his intervention with his mighty power. From our running around and anxiety. Being Martha and being busy with things that our father in heaven can take care of. Learning to be like Mary and sit at the feet of God. Receiving mercy from ourselves and the world around us. Seat symbolizes rest and peace. A place where we get relieved from standing up for ourselves.

Learning to cry to God and relieving ourselves from tension we get when we try to handle everything by ourselves. We don’t rest and allow our God to intervene. Sometimes we don’t let down our guard and let go. We are too guarded and not feel safe to cry. I went through a time when i felt so guarded because i was worried all the time. I had fear. I realized i was not feeling safe to let down my guard. To trust God with my guard and let go. I reached a point when i wanted to cry but I couldn’t and I felt suppressed. Tears couldn’t come out. I got down and started praying for God to help me feel safe to cry. I asked him to give me a picture, a memory, of what a mercy seat is like.  As i prayed, memories of the people who helped me in the past flooded my mind and i felt fear lifted and tears started rolling down. In that moment i trusted God with my guard.

Receiving  his love and the gift of salavtion. coming to cry to God and relieving



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