Acts of Service

Today i sat in church, after being undecided whether to attend or not. It was cloudy in the morning and dewy. I Checked the time. I was still in bed and felt I still had on enough time. When I finally checked the time I only had 30 minutes left to get ready and drive to church. While getting ready I felt maybe I shouldnt attend because there wasn’t enough time. I forced to go.

I joined the praise and worship session. They passed around an attendance register and I filled my name. I didn’t realize it was for the morning bible study session. I scratched my name out when I realized and passed it on to the lady next to me. Next to her was an elderly lady who had a hearing problem and eye sight problem. It felt disruptive and embarrassing to bend and lean towards her while helping her. When I got up from that embarrassing moment of breaking church etiquette, I searched for something to braven up and comfort myself. But the holy spirit comforted me and made me realize what we are really called for. What the kingdom of God is like. To forsake it all and bear the shame in order be christ-like. He paused the crowd when the woman with the issue of blood reached for the hem of his garment. He reached out to her. God made realize we are called for many moments of pausing the crowd and reaching out. To bear the shame and follow Christ.


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