Prayer: Communication with God

Prayer is a necessary communication line with God. It is our medium of staying corrected to God.

We often suppress what we feel but when we come to God to pray. We get to release everything we feel to God. It’s a positive outlet we confide in our father who created us and our emotions. When we come to him we acknowledge his position in our lives and his power. We trust his power to change our situation and how we feel. This is often our challenge because we have been by our society to not trust. We are also pressured to be matured and we suppress our emotions. Prayer is a platform where we can build trust and open up to God. A place where we can restore us and have him handle whatever emotion we go through. He says in his word : Pray without ceasing  Thessalonians 5:17. the more you learn to open up to God  in prayer , your trust will grow and will develop a more intimate  relationship with him. The more you spend  in his presence Luke 18:1. Your intimacy with God will liberate you . He will give you freedom of speech and expression. Prayer is the only vehicle that allows to view humanity with all its  faults and still understand that God is perfect.

Establishing a prayer life:

-Spend time with God everyday and express how we feel.

-Stay in his presence long enough to hear him respond. When we pray God listen.

– Memorize the scriptures and pray the scriptures

-Attend prayer gatherings. Hebrew 10 :25.

-Stay longer in the presence of God.

-Write a prayer list.

-Write your prayers down.

-Play worshiping songs during your prayer session.



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