The God within us.

1Samuel 16:7 “… The lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance but the lord looks at the heart.”

When we come to God we become new Creation 2Cor. 5:17. He renews us and everything becomes forgotten and we start afresh. Our being is made up of soul, spirit and flesh. Our spirits is housed in the body that the word notices. He has taken out the heart of stone and gave us the heart of the spirit (verse). Again he made us out of dust and breathed in us Hus spirit. So we live because he has given us his spirit. In him we live and we have our being Acts 17:19-23. What we have in us is of God.

Often we look at each other and judge each other based on our appearance, status and reputation; but God in the book of 1Samuel 16:7 teaches us to look beyond the appearance. To stop and think deeper on whether what our eyes look is approved by God, by godly standard. We are encouraged to see God in each other. To be ready and accept that sometimes we are wrong on how we judge others. God has chosen whta we see as foolish (verse).

Eventually in this story of prophet Samuel, God chooses a Shepherd what most of us would look down upon. So always expect God to be in the things and people we don’t notice. Expect to be wrong, for we’ll never be able to always see through the appearance. It is only God’s eyes that can see beyond the eyes.

See God in everyone. Even the most corrupt peoe. See them as people who have contradiction in how they live compared to the spirit if God in them. They too have guilt and conviction; and are constantly running away from it. Escaping  acceptance and filling up the gap with drugs, lies, crime and foul activities.

Expect to be wrong most of the time when you judge people. Some of tge tge have the most powerful gifts and that’s why the enemy attacks them. May God bless you

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