When days dark, friends are few.

This is a very common statement we like saying. sometimes when we comfort ourselves  and others. There are days when we find ourselves alone or deserted by the people we care about. it’s often people we expect to be around when we cant help ourselves. What I want to bring up is to search ourselves and check if our hope is not completely placed on mere human beings. have we allowed people to sit where God the almighty should be. firstly I want so say forgive yourself for having placed them in that space in your life. secondly: forgive whoever didn’t pitch-up when you expected. or when you needed him or her to be around. Let’s come back to God and forgive first, before I move on to the my message for this article.

Prayer: ” father in the name of Jesus, I come to you with humility and submission. fill me   with your spirit to forgive. help me find it in me to forgive myself for the decision I made about others in my life. help me forgive myself for overestimating their capacity to be here for me, when they can’t. put it in my spirit to forgive: * …say the name…* and accept his/her limits in this situation. I give complete control over my life in this situation and many that are to come that are like this one. I trust you with my life, that you alone with your power are able to see me out of this situation.  Amen”

God in Jeremiah 33:1 invites us to call unto him for he is near and he will answer. he also says in his word that we should draw nigh unto him and he will draw nigh. He shows in his word that people are fallible and capable of doing wrong, Roman 3:23. let’s go back and focus on the power of God. Here I wish to show you that he’s even able to prevent dark days that we sometimes find ourselves in. In Genesis one, the word says : the earth was without form and it was empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was roaming over the waters. meaning God was there in the beginning of everything. this we find also in John 1:1. Later in Genesis we see how God set everything in place; he separated day (light) from night (dark) and set the sky up and formed the earth. that is one angle of looking how powerful God is.

In the book of Job, God says in Chapter 38 verse 2 to 12, that he made everything and asks who of us was there when created everything and set it in form. In chapter 6: 22, the word of God says ; God is exalted in power who is a teacher like him. In new testament he says who by worrying can increase his or her number of days. he knows the number of hairs on our head.

Now going back to the purpose of this message. I wish to say some days need not be dark when we place our trust in God. going back to those who let us down when we needed them, lets ask God to help us place them rightfully in our lives.

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