Embracing your God given purpose

when  giving up on your purpose, a core part of you goes missing. The part that can only be fulfilled by going after what you are meant to do in this life. most of the time, to be happy you have to go after what you are meant to do. your big dreams big dreams, ambitions, you purpose and your passion. your have to go back to your drawing board and challenge yourself to set big goals, those creative impressive goals. if you’ve ever loved the thrill of setting impressive goals, then you’ve got to be ambitious to be happy. when  ambition is in your blood, you will never find satisfaction in the home sphere or just settling for the pay-check. you have to accomplish the kind of things you are meant to do. that only you’ can do with your talent.

take time and go back to a time when you were fascinated by a project or task. the time when you were up and going with a drive and passion and every morning couldn’t wait to get on with that task. do you recall how it felt. think back and be as specific as possible. Savor the details. try to remember what were the circumstances that made you feel so fired up. remember how it felt when you encountered obstacles and faced them head on and came out a winner. what were your thoughts. what did people say when you experienced obstacles and what they said when you overcame them.

now that you realize giving up your purpose is costly and following it is a great thing: are you as driven as you really want to be or should be? if you have gone astray or gone of course by chasing the necessities of our daily needs. it’s time to come back to God and find out what it is he created you for. How far you went with your purpose and where to pick up. Go down to the threshing floor and pray for God to sift your life and get rid of anything that you are not supposed to be busy with. pray continually and don’t leave the presence of God until he has revealed to you : what it is you ought to do with your life.

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