When God gathers you…

Isaiah 54 :7 For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee.

Yesterday i was in a prayer meeting with a friend and she was sharing about the spirit of delay. That fear can overcome us sometimes and stop us from reaching our goals  and we find ourselves in “Almost made it” positions and “Almost got there places”. As she was speaking God started showing me what has been stopping me in my life.  That there is a part of my life i started i stopped seeing correctly. I stopped seeing it’s weight. I lived around influences made me stopped seeing the value of my journey. I ended up seeing only the wrong things.

In the past three years,  God took me through a journey where he started building me and gathering me. he started helping me embrace everything that people around me criticized. How it came about and why it happened. He showed me how the society around me is structured, its values and what it will not have stand and in it one will end up doing everything to accommodate their demands. And in the process you end up losing what God gave you. In getting up , it’s hard to defend whatever they criticize.

So in that room, while she was sharing, He reminded me of 2014 when he gave me Isaiah 54 when he said “I will gather you” . I looked back and i started seeing how everything was scattered ,all in the name of fitting in. At that point i started seeing that God will always watch your back, even when the world force its way in your life.  He made me realize there is in taking away any part of my life because it’s not perfect and not acceptable to the people around me. He made me realize everything has it’s place in what i became and a reason why it’s there. as much as it’s hard, but the feeling of embracing it brings healing. It felt like everything was coming together. I forgave myself from tearing myself up and trying to please people and get everyone happy in my life. On that chair i felt God’s love embracing me.









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