Saying :”NO”

Today i was at church and went there really expecting more from God because the week was long and draining. I was drained from a heavy week of having to deal with expectations of what life normally throws at us. During the week i found myself in a very difficult situation i am a senior to this group and we were supposed to complete a task together. i was late to the meeting and had to ask one of the group members to update with the progress and how far they had gone. I needed some theory from them. Having to catch was hard. I also had an interview with Teaching company that gets clients from overseas. The interview was very refreshing and it was a sneak-preview of  a life i always wanted to live. It went well but i came back more nervous because its something i always wanted. The rest of the week was filled with anxiety of the many think i paused while attending to the preparing for the interview.

So on Sunday morning i went to church really hungry to hear from God for something that will refresh my spirit. I was even praying on Saturday for God to speak through the speaker.

Today’s message was very powerful. the pastor was preaching on :”Going deeper and getting stronger”
He said:
– He said going deeper means one has to acknowledge his/her own limitations first
-And going deeper means leaning to say a lot of “No’s” for a greater YES. if we keep on saying Yes, it stops the other person from growing.
-Going deeper means planning and developing strategy, not wishing and hoping. when you develop strategy you value your days more.
-When you go deeper , you are more likely to confront things and live an honest life.


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