let us come back to love

In 1Corinthians 12:13 God describes love as the greatest of them all. He gives his disciples the greatest commandment, which is love. He says, we should love one another as he loved us. john13:34. He says love is the main thing in which we should concentrate on. Even Paul in 1 Cor 13: 13 says love is above faith  and hope. Love should be our priority and we should study love and pray about love. Lastly develop the fruit of love. Galatians 5: 22-23. Love is the greatest thing and we should commit our lives to love. Many times we hope to find fulfilment in many things that we seek but most of them fall short of the desired goal. We eventually feel frustrated when we pursue things that are outside of love.

It took me time to realize that my priority in life has to seeking love and pursuing it. committing to seek love was the best decision I realized in life love does not only bless the one receiving it but it blesses the one giving it. Committing to be a blessing to others has made me realize it makes our lives fulfilling. it makes our lives rich. we must pray that our God should reduce us to love instead of pursuing things that are higher and materialistic. If we have enough faith to move mountains and have not love we have nothing 1 Corinthians 12:2. Galatians 5:6. Also states that faith works or it is energized by love. Allowing God’s love to flow through us to other is the powerful behind our faith. We need to ask ourselves, how we can place our faith in God unless we are sure that he loves us? Our personal walk in love gives us confidence before God when we ask things or help from God. It enables us to receive from God , love is a trademark of the Christian, (Joyce Meyer). People should be able to identify  us not by our talk but by how we walk in God in love.

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