The importance of our spiritual being

As part of my personal development my aunt booked me on this self-mastery course. it was very empowering. but what touched me the most was the people i met there. there were very spiritually developed and matured. There was this one lady that touched me. she is into meditation so much so you could feel the level and power of her focus. everything about her was in in sync. the tone of her voice had a good a good effect. you would have loved her. just listening to her alone was enough to calm you down. when speaking to her i discovered she reflects a lot and was open to share her challenges with the group.she inspired me to challenge my pace for my spiritual path.

i started asking myself if i am really doing enough to grow spiritually. i realized my spirituality was somehow stagnant. so i just wanna welcome you all to do this with me. as we enlarge the cords of our spirituality. i wanna share with you on the importance of our spiritual being.  we cannot solely depend on our physical being and expect to live a fulfilling life.  we are made up of body, spirit and soul. for our soul to survive and grow, our spirit needs to be in tune with the move of God. our spiritual antennas sometimes get clogged with the vibrations we pick up from our surroundings or the world we liven in. so , from time to time, these antennas need to be purged or refreshed. now the question is how do we refresh them: we need to go on a fast. where we deny ourselves of the wants of the flesh but feed the spirit . so that our spirit can remain superior to the flesh. it is important to keep our spiritual nature nourished and stronger. let us not starve spiritually. Purge and refresh!

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