All the promises of God are :Yes and Amen

God loved us while we were still sinners. he knew us before we were born. all that he had for us was suspended in the spiritual realm until we ask. He predestined us for greatness. he knew what we are gonna need before we even knew it. all he wants is to have a relationship with us. he expects us to have a communication with him. our lives are guaranteed in him. whatever we ask , it’s a Yes from him. his answer is: Yes, my child, you can have it. i had it saved for you before you even asked. if we align ourselves with God’s purpose we will have whatever we ask in him. he knows the life we should live and everything we need for it. God says in his word that if we seek his kingdom first everything will be added to us. let’s devote ourselves to God. lets give ourselves back to God. there are many riches in God. he will supply all our needs according to his riches in his kingdom. let’s live a life of seeking him. in him it’s a Yes and Amen.

all we have to do when we have a need or go through trials is to rejoice and praise as his word says ; rejoice always. the enemy likes to put us in agony and put weight on our spirit but our father is waiting for us to run to him and hand over that heaviness to him. he says in his word:: take my yoke for it is easy. cast all your burdens to God today and rejoice. that heaviness has nothing on you. for Christ defeated the enemy and death. he rose on the third day. that power that rose Christ from the dead lives in you. he took it all on the cross. he conquered the flesh when he took the form of man and became flesh. he lived on this earth like everyone of us to give us an example of a possible live for us. he demonstrated to us that it is possible to be of God though on earth. so our lives are pre-planned by God. our destiny is secured. our needs are catered for. we walk freely and boast on God.

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