Living a positive life

The word of God in Phillipians 4:8 says :” Finally, brothers , whatever is true, whatever is noble , whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. it teaches us how to nourish the gift of salvation that we received. for it to survive, we cant take anything inside ourselves. we need to choose and in this verse God outlines the standard we’ve got to apply. it serves as our filter of how to manage impulses and information that we receive. in this technologically advanced world , there is a lot of stimuli in our environment that keeps our system on guard. a lot of us remain on a tense state for long. we become tense because that is not how we are designed to function. we are wired for harmony and that is linked with love, nobility, purity, peace and serenity. we need to watch that we don’t stay in a tense state for long because our behavioral patterns, then characters, will be adjusted in order to adapt and that mold wont be from God. for example, a lot of stimuli about war and crime will make us into a nation that is closed up and guarded leaving no room for reaching out and trusting each other.

if we don’t fiddle consciously with our automatic responses our subconscious mind will keep filling the junk we experience. we have got to apply this verse and filter what we take in for our subconscious mind to file or create memories that align with our Christianity. if we allow our subconscious to build behavioral patterns that don’t represent who we are as Christians then what messages will we be presenting as the living epistles. the bible says we are the salt of the  world. so we need to differ and not be conformed to this world. how are we to bring messages of hope into this world if we aren’t filled with hope ourselves. so it’s a continuous hard work of filtering and filtering daily.  the subconscious mind is a long term memory but God has blessed us with the conscious mind which is active and logical. so we need to apply our conscious mind and align our emotions , as we file them in the subconscious mind, with heavenly logic; and heavenly logic guides us, as we see in this verse, towards living a positive life.

i would like to advice you to interrupt negative conversations and sway them towards positivity. if in a group and the conversation starts going on a low and heavy energy, take the lead and start a new topic; or draw their attention to something that’s happening in the vicinity so you can start talking about it. eliminate all negative self talk, instead take your mind back to good things that happened to you before. construct affirmations that are based on the word of God and start a day with a positive affirmation. lastly before i go, find yourself positive friends, mentors and co-workers to anchor you. avoid spending too much time with cynical people.


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