You will reap with joy.

The bible in Psalm 126:5-6 , says : ” Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping , carrying seed to sow will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with him” . Here we learn that life is difficult. There are seasons that will get us crying and falling on our knees; yet get no answer. There are turmoiks in life that can take over your emotional life. You will find that you spend days without sleeping even though you popped pills. I too, am here to testify to you that i have been through seasons when i felt like every door i knocked on was locked. Where i felt like maybe my prayers were not audible enough. I would spend nights crying till my eyes swell and my face turn blue; my pillow would get wet and my voice disappear. And in the morning i would get up with a heavy headache like i was drunk the night before. I want to say to you , my dear brother and sister: Take heart, get up and drink some water. Open the windows and let sunlight in. Step outside and breath fresh air. The Psalmist here , David, ecourages us to sow. We know David to be an honest as we read here in the psalms about his emotional life. He went through a lot in his walk with God. His path as a king was not easy. So to us it means he had an experience. He know how falling and getting up feels like. Of all the obstacles he went through he gained experience on how to endure.

In this verse he encourages us to sow in the midst of tears. To not allow ourselves to weep without doing anything. Lets learn from this verse, that time should not pass while weeping only and not working. Because if you sow even though you maybe crying , it means you have faith. Faith that a season of rain will come to water your crops. A season when your plants will grow and yield fruits. You have faith that harvest will come. So i want to say to you that dont lose faith when you weep. You can cry and mourn but carry on in faith that a better time will come.

In closing , this verse says:”…you will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with you”. David in his life , he fought a lot of battles and the lord was always with him. He knew how victory felt like. Take his advice ; carry on sowing even though its sad, even though it hurts. You cry with your eyes not your hands. Find another aspect of your life where you can grow and focus on it. Pray and give; continue to love people and love will come in. Your daysof joy are ahead.

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