When you are weary

With the year coming to an end, we can feel our strength fading away just like the year.  The current pandemic attack can drain us down and get us feeling like we just moved mountains; But when we really scrutinize what we have done this year in actuality we realize we have really just been indoors in our four blocks yard and not getting up to much. Most of us have nothing tangible to show for the time that has passed. It was really difficult to get anything done because we were on lockdown and everything was restricted. Which leaves our fatigue unjustifiable.

I want us to read a verse in the bible, the word of God. Its my favourite and most people know it. It’s in the book of Isaiah 40:31 ” but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” God here shows us how we can get more strength when we feel we are out of it. life sometimes can take more from us than we can give and leave us empty. God here is inviting us to come to him and place our hope in him. To anchor our hope in the lord means we put no faith in our ability but complete trust in the lord. 

This verse teaches us that strength can get spent, exhausted , run-down or finished . It shows us in life there can be times when you feel low in strength. In this verse we see that such situation is catered for in the word of God. So when you find yourself low in strength just know that to your God, the heavenly father , it’s not a new thing. He has seen it all before; he is the expert in that area. Just come to him. take your last hope and place it all on him and watch him take care of you. You are going to be excited when I tell you what God says he will do for you when you place your hope in him. He says in verse 31, in the beginning, that he will renew their strength. And this strength that he is talking about here is supernatural strength, abnormal strength. It says in this verse as you continue to read, that you will run and you wont grow weary. Can you believe it! that means in God there is no feeling weary because in him we find our strength renewed and we receive supernatural strength

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