Hallowed be your name.

There is power in the name of Jesus. It is through the name of Jesus that we get the gift of salvation. it says in his word: Acts 4:12 “…for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”. This is the power that the name of the lord has. It holds the power to save us from judgement of sin. It holds the power to transform us. It is like a subscription that beats any other you can find out there.  We have been given this name as a spiritual weapon that we should engage in battle with. The bible says every tongue will declare that the name of Jesus is the name of a king that all nations should bow to. It is given to us to have victory

When Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray , he first teaches them how to acknowledge the name of God. And that they should lift it and praise it. We need to enter his courts with praise in our mouth. “Hollowed” in this verse means Sacred. The name of the lord is sacred and we have long learnt in the old testament that it is considered a sin to use the name of the lord in vain. It is sacred. reserved, holy and venerated. We learn again that its a weapon that is mostly used for healing in the new testament. In Acts 3:1-8 we learn that Peter was at gate Beautiful and he found a man made lame from his mother’s womb. He was expecting something from Peter and John as he was collecting alms from people who were passing by. But Peter approached him and told him to get up and Walk/go in the name of Jesus. His joints immediately received strength and he could walk. He continued inside and singing praises to the lord. This man got healed because Peter squashed the name of the disease with the name of Jesus which supersede all names. Whatever condition, circumstances or situation that has been given a name in our lives, I am here to tell you that the name of your God is greater and more powerful than that name/condition or situation. As long as it has a name, I am telling you, Jesus name with extinguish it. Especially if its afflicting you. Call on the name of the lord your spiritual weapon.

There is power in the name of Jesus to give us healing and salvation. In the fight against Coronavirus and the threat that it has caused; we cannot forget that God’s name is bigger than any other name of a situation we face. When we say hallowed be your name , we mean we should treat everything else as below the name of God. Do not give anything power and speak of it as if it has power. Raise the name of your God, uplift it. Do not be a defeatist. I encourage you to watch your speech, because power has been given to your tongue, speak positively from a victorious position. Keep in mind that your God has a powerful name. So when you speak of situations in your life, don’t express them as though they are impossible to defeat. in this prayer , Jesus first introduces the title of this God we ought to pray to, which defines the kind of relationship we should have with him. He calls him a Father. secondly he talks about his name: he doesn’t specify his name. He just calls it sacred, hallowed, revered and consecrated.

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