The light has come

When the light flashes darkness disappear. There is no darkness that will prevail once the light shines. God in the beginning when there was formlessness in the earth, he spoke a word and created light, and indeed there was light. suppose you are going through a lot of situations in your life that makes you feel like your light has been dimmed. It probably feels dark when all doors and windows to the world out there, where you belong , are shut; and the only thing you can hear is your breathing. maybe everytone left, since they say friends become few when days are dark. you probably feel like screaming out for help but still you feel like no one will hear you. Everything feels distant and people feel far away. you have probably been listening too much to the negative voice in your head, the voice of Jezebel, for quite some time and the pain has shut you down. my dear pal it doesn’t have to end here like this. it doesn’t have to be this way. Our God is our light and our salvation. whom shall we fear.

when light comes it brings gifts to us. it brings brighter days to us. Brighter days attracts company and attracts good things. when there is light you get clarity. Everything becomes clear. there is vision and you can see the horizon. You can see the rainbow and you can see your far but attainable future. Your goals become clearer. The bible says Jesus is the king of Glory, when we read in Psalms 24. that he needs to come in. his glory when it enters a room it shines the light and everything becomes exposed. All that the enemy has been doing and succeeding in the dark, fails. he becomes exposed with his system. We know that weeping or dark days may last for a night but certainly joy comes in the morning. so whatever you went through at night it shall come to pass because surely light will come in the morning.

In ending this article, have hope that your dark days will end and light will come. Your God will expose the enemy and he will vindicate you and take away all your burden. Know that it’s hope that sustains you and keeps you. The hope that you have will be fulfilled when brighter days come. if you lose hope you will feel defeated and drained. keep on keeping on . I say it again, I know its very common to say: but keep on keeping on. You wont remain on dark days forever. hope is a transportation to light, it’s like a vehicle.

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